X-Carve endplate upgrade

I have an x-carve upgrade that a form member designed and I had machined at a local shop. This is an upgrade for both the X & Y axis endplates. With both endplates installed you will have about 5.26" of additional z-axis clearance over the OEM endplates. All parts are machined from 6160 Aluminum and are .25" thick:

Some Notes:

  • Naturally, this upgrade would require you to make some changes to your Z axis as well. I would suggest using the OpenBuilders C-beam linear rail bundle. Another forum member recently did this z-axis upgrade if your looking for more info on that…

  • The center hole for the stepper motor in the X-axis endplates are a little tight and will require some very slight sanding for a less sung fit.

  • Additionally, you will also need to figure out your own method of belt adjusting for the X Axis.

The pictures show some normal surface scratches from being mounted on my X-Carve, but never got a chance to actually use them. I had these made with the full intention of using them but I’m moving to a different platform all together and no longer need these.

$115 for the complete set via paypal with free shipping.


Did you every sell these? I am interested. Thank you.

Nope, Is still have them. you can ping me at jrsphoto@gmail.com

Thanks. I will do that shortly

This has been sold.