X carve engraving

Hello! I have attached a photo that I found on inventables home page. It shows a project that was engraved. I am looking to engrave wording that has the darker effect against the lighter wood. I know that jtech offers a co2 laser engraver, but I’m assuming that this wasn’t done with it. How do I achieve this look? What machine pieces to I need? Is there special software that I need to use as well? I have the carve 1000mm. Thank you so very much!!!

Looks like it was probably engraved, (milled), and then painted. (The red lines at the bottom are a clue).

I like to use VCarve software and a V-bit for something like that, but you probably could do the same with Easel. (Not 110% sure because I don’t use Easel).

You can hand paint the letters or use spray paint and use a hand sander to remove the excess when it dries. I like the spray and sand method.

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile: When you mention engraving, are you referring to the xcarve engraving bits? Thanks!

Here is another method. Tutorial - painting an engraving

There are several methods.@ChrisMatus points out one way.

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I will try that, thank you!