X-Carve "fill" shape will ONLY cut "inside path" outline?

I have an SVG cut file that was generated in Adobe Illustrator and imported via Chrome, also I’m on a Mac. I’ve run dozens of files and for some reason the software is forcing the solid shape, set to a “fill” cut, to cut as an “inside-outline”.

The SVG file is RGB, solid and we have used this identical file multiple times with fine results. The same thing happened with another file, so it seems to be software. Was there a recent update I may be missing? I reworked the file, uploaded it again, restarted the browser and emptied the browser cache.

Very weird, very frustrating. Thanks in advance for the help!


Hey Phil, thanks for the reply. That’s a very logical conclusion, so I tried to make a simple square and upon import, same problem. If I create a shape in Easel (rather than import an SVG) there is no problem. So it’s something within the SVG file…

Any thoughts?

Adobe Illustrator CS6, I checked every point and they are all joined and closed.

I reset the step over, then the depth and refreshed the browser and it reloaded perfectly. Not sure what it was, but thanks for the help.

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