X-Carve first runs and cabinet assembly

So my X-Carve is finaly up and running. Thanks to some loyal users who helped me through the final diagnostics. I had issues with my motors orientation… Long story short, you need to inverse wires on one of the motors connections! Hehe…
I finaly could run some tests and the machine seems constistent but I find that the carriage movement is a little noisy. Like an old door squeeking. Is it that I have too much tension in the belts? My V wheels are ajusted so that they hit the rail on both sides but not overtighten.

I also built ehat I think is an awesome lookin unit for this CNC. I have the 1000mm version so I needed a big cabinet.
Ill post some pictures here

Ill upload further pics of the drawers since my laptop and tool compartent are in there.
I can provide some sort pf plan if any of you guys are interested!