X carve for sale. Deal or no deal

I found an x carve locally and wondering if anyone on the forum can give me advice on if it is a good deal or not. I can purschse it for $750
Here is what the owner is telling me about it and a link to the ad on my local Craigslist
I paid $1000 for it back a couple years ago. I looked on the Inventables forums for pricing. Mine is priced to sell. None of the others have the additions I added…

  • the case

  • the stand

  • the 3 axis touch setup

  • DeWalt router (doesn’t come standard)

  • the control box that manages the power on the router.

  • the cable tray management for all the wiring

  • I extended the base extrusions on the front a back for better clamping

  • the DeWalt air diffuser add-on

  • the vinyl cutter add-on

Thanks for any advice