X-Carve for sale in Louisville, KY

I have an X-Carve I purchased for a young man I was mentoring. He really never used it and I’ve lost the lease on my shop. It has the upgrade kit, a J-Tech photonics laser setup, includes a Zotac PC, monitor, vacuum system, an assortment of bits, roll around table, etc. Not sure of all the specs, will take some photos and post. Located in Louisville, KY. This is a really nice setup, please contact me if you’re interested and we can work out a price.


Please post some photos and a price.

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Posted. Having trouble with the posting, had to create a new topic. Have all receipts except for the PC, can probably find if needed. Can send more photos if you need. Over $4500 invested, looking to recover $2500 for everything.

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Id be interested, located in Texas but we could figure out a way to get it here. jamie@cottagecpa.com

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I am interested I do not need the pc You mention you may take partial trade, what are you interested in as far as a trade. Also can you send pic and price minus pc. Thanks Dennis

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