X Carve G Code limits?

I am using V Carve Desktop with my X Carve 1000mm. It has been working fine but I recently purchase a 1/16" end ball bit to get more detail. I ran a carve that I have previously done with a 1/8" end ball but this time with a 1/16" end ball. It only ran half we through. I have repeated this twice with varying results.

When I look at the size of the two files there is considerable difference. The 1/8" end ball file is 2.2 meg and the 1/16" end ball is 4.4 meg in size. Is there some limitation on the size of the g code file I can load into my X carve or am I looking in the wrong place for a solution.

What is your gcode sender? (Easel, UGS, Candle, OpenBuilds Control, Picsender, Gsender, etc?)

The gcode is sent to the cnc line by line, so IF there is a limit to the size of the file, then that would be within the software being used as the sender, and not the CNC itself

I am using Easel, so I guess that is not the issue!

I wS just thinking, if I lost internet connection for a minute or so could that cause it? I am sure the controller has a buffer but it might have used it up.

Thats not what I said, any sender may have limits and those limits tend to differ from software to differ from sender to sender program…

There’s a faq page on inventables website identifies that easel limit is not a file size amount, but rather a quantity of lines limit… 99,000 is the limit according to a rather old post processor info page…

You can open your file in another word or another sender and verify the quantity of lines.

No. Easel does not need internet connection to operate as a sender. You can actually login to easel and then turn on airplane mode, or turn off all internet, and Easel will still send the file just fine.

Thanks! That help a lot. Jim

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