X-Carve goes apeshit for the first time!

Nothing worse than when your new X-Carve goes apeshit for the first time and makes grinding gear noises and then when you try and home it, it buries the bit into your wasteboard and breaks the bit. Also had a job pause/stop twice for no reason that I know of for the first time since getting the machine and ruin the piece… OH, and did I mention breaking a new bit on my first attempt at carving aluminum. The first two months with the machine went so smoothly, I guess that was the honeymoon stage… UGGGH this is expensive learning curve!

Hey Phil, I followed the default setting in easel for my material size and bit (Inventables 1/16 Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral Bit) My design couldn’t take a bigger bit… Also I followed all the recommended calibration tips and suggestions I could find, belt tension is spot on and used loctite on all necessary set screws and bolts… I’m marking it up to trial and error. thanks