X-Carve goes crazy

Hi, My machine started to loose stuck, like when machine is off I can normaly move the thing, and when it is ON one side looks looser and other one is stuck, I did with my hand because when controller send it to move, it get really weird and dangerous.

does someone had the same and can help me ?

Well, firstly the cnc should never be moved by hand. They both should be locked IF $1 is set to 255 in the grbl settings, but the reason that only one is locking is becsuse the other side, the free moving side, drive has been burned up inside the controller.

Unfortunately this is all too common, because new users are unaware that the steppers generate power when moved by hand and that power is backfed into the controller and if too much power is made in a short amount of time, (pushing or pulling from front to back rather fast) than the drivers will burn up, typically it is the y axis and only one burns up at a time.

If you call inventables they will send you a new controller, but please stop moving it around by hand like that, or its just going to blow again.

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