X-carve got me started now building new cnc

some pics of new project cnc table


Looks great !
I started supersizing my X carve but I’m seriously considering build from scratch.
What do you think it will cost you with Pinion system and such total?

Looks like it will be a beast! Is it your own design?

Looking one serious piece of equipment. I can’t wait to see the result. Fine great job.

i bought stuff from cncrouterparts then made my own base its pretty easy

i don’t have much more then x carve invested with these parts i did upgraded my x carve also its 1500x1800

Nice. If I can get a bit further through my “To Make” list, a machine upgrade is in my future as well. Ideally, I’d like to end up with something similar to this http://3dtek.xyz/products/new-heavy-duty-cnc-router-code-name-heavy-mill

Looks like it’s going to be powerful enough to carve it’s way through to the earth’s core!!! Looks amazing!!

this machine will be for plasma I am going to build another like this but with a heavier x axis for wood carving

Changed mind for now gonna use for router just finished control panel