X Carve has excessive vibration/louder than normal

I cant seem to figure out a problem Im having with the X Carve. When turned on, the vibration is really intense, along with the noise level. Ive done a pretty thorough investigation, made sure everything is secure. Nuts, bolts, v wheels, everything. Cant seem to pinpoint it. Anyone got any ideas?


Post your $$ output here. You may have some bad grbl settings.

Im sorry. I am somewhat a newbie so my CNC slang isnt very good. You will have to dumb it down for me. The vibration and noise starts right when I turn the spindle on. Something maybe loose? Router brushes going bad? I really dont know.

There is a lot to be learned and there are some good sources of information here, so dive in and after a while you’ll start picking up on it.

Read this thread and see if it helps. There are lots of interlocks that will become clearer as time goes on.

Make sure that your mill/bit is straight and tight in the collet. Does the tip of the mill/bit “wobble” when the router is running?