X-Carve Home Position

Hi all

when I start in the beginning setting up the machine home position X Y Z my X-Carve it’s not positioning the X coordinate on Zero on the wasteboard
Why the X coordinate is not positioning on the Zero on the wasteboard and how to fix it?
Thank You

Machine home/zero is determined by the homing switches if you have them.
If you do not have homing switches I think machine home/zero will be the location where positioned when powered up.
Material zero is not the same as machine zero. It can be wherever you want it and is created in the process followed after you click on CARVE. This all based on assumption that you are using Easel.

Are you talking about the printed XY grid of your waste board?
It will “never” do that unless you have homing swithces installed & have defined your work zero at that point. This is something the user need to do, because the machine have no clue where the printed 0-point is.

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