X-Carve Homing Issue

I’m a newbie and this is my second weekend with the X-Carve. I love it, though I have a steep learning curve. I pulled down the Grocery List Board tutorial from V-Carve since I am trying out the program. I think I am having a homing issue, though I am sure that I am doing something wrong. I pulled all 3 G-Code files into a new project. Set up my machine, homed it, homed the material, set everything else and ran the first path. That worked fine. Jump to the second path, used the same saved homing setting, switched bits, and then reset the z-axis for the cleanup bit. When the machine starts cutting it’s offset by about 1.5" to the right. I can’t figure it out. I must say that that I thought when I started the second cut that the machine would first go back to the material homing 0, which it did not. Do I need to manually bring it back to it’s starting point? That doesn’t make sense to me, because if I have to reset the homing to the material I surely would not hit the same point. Not that I am aware, but perhaps I moved the machine on the X-axis when I switched bits? That’s really the only plausible explanation I have right now. Machine has been running just fine. Thanks for replying!

Pretty easy to do. Have you set $1 = 255? the X-controller also has a built in torque reduction that can be disabled. the combination of those two things will make the motors better able to hold their position during a tool change. You can always re-home between jobs.

Depending on the post processor, it will usually just go to where it needs to to start the carve.

So the $1 = 255 needs to be set every time, or just once? And I would do that in Easel correct? I think I saw the programming page somewhere when I explored the UI in Easel.

I am not sure about the rehoming. If I rehome wouldn’t I risk not getting back to the original 0. I am probably misunderstanding what you mean.

Thank you so much Neil. Your input is much appreciated. Got a lot to learn and while doing so I waste a lot of lumber. LOL

I do not use the homing switches so I can not help with that but I have a video that may help you about machine zero and work zero

To clarify terminology:

  • Easel Home position (the origin you confirm is Home position before the actual carve begins) = work zero
  • Work zero can be anywhere within the XYZ box your machine can reach.
  • Easel Homing = setting a machine zero by using homing switches. This provide a reference point, aligning the machine with its work space, usually top left away position
  • Any work zero point is stored as an offset from Machine Zero, therefore stored between power off/on cycles.

When doing a 2 stage cut your work flow may be something like this:
Place down your material to be carved, insert bit #1.
Perform a homing cycle if you have homing switches installed
Jog the bit to your intended work zero, confirm this as Home Position in Easel.
Carve stage 1.
Change bit and reset Z only. You do not need to jog back to work zero
Run stage 2, and click “Use previous home position” (work zero) instead of “Confirm…”

$1=255 is set once.

When designing outside Easel you need to make sure your work zero is correctly defined before exporting the gcode.

Thank you Sir. I now understand much better about the homing. So really, I should have checked the homing of the work piece for each path, which of course I did not do. I will give it another go and pay attention to that aspect. I am pretty certain now that i did move the x axis when I changed the bits. I think it would have shown all homing correct as it should, it’s just that I most likely manually moved the machine. I also will set the code to the $1 = 255 as Neil suggested. Anyhow, love your lessons, so I will subscribe.

One other thing I have been struggling with is what my sets of bits should consist of. I am aware that it partially depends on what one wants to machine. However, I would think there is a basic set one should have. From what I see the 10 bit variety kit from investables leaves quite of few holes. i.e. I have no v-bits whatsoever. A lot of projects from others I looked at use bits I do not have. Thanks again,

You guys are great! Love the support. It makes so much more sense now. I suppose that V-Carve will show me where work zero is set to when I pull down a project template to try out. Have to look at that too I gather. I suppose its one of those things. Once you got it, you got it. Just takes a while. LOL

There are many places to get bits. The local big box store will have 60 and 90 degree bits and maybe 1/4” spiral bit. A t-slot bit as well. The rest of the bits I get from inventables but there are many sources. And yes it does depend on what you are carving. Good luck

Thanks Phillip. You are talking more or less “regular” router bits when referring to the 60 and 90?


LOL I guess I don’t know. How do I get into the controller to change the setting?

  • Open Easel, press CTRL+SHIFT+D (CMD+Shift+D on Mac) to open up Machine Inspector. (Also available through Easel many)
  • Type in $$ and press Enter, a list with the different GRBL $ values will show. Check $1, if anything other than 255 change it by:
  • Type $1=255 and press Enter.
  • Power Xcontroller OFF->ON and check the listing once more to confirm new value.
  • Done
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There is a hardware setting on the X-Controller. Based on the schematic (pretend expert…no X-carve), it’s switch four on the DIP switches for each axis. Turn it off.

EDIT: Here’s a link with the same thing explained.