X-Carve Homing Sequence Doesn't Work

In dire need of some help. Set up the 1000mm X-Carve and I am running into issues right away. During the initial set-up, I run into an issue when running the homing sequence. It starts but only barely budges before not moving at all. I have sat and waited to see if it would do something after a while but nothing. All the axes move as I tested those with success but nothing in homing sequence.

I skipped past the homing sequence and get to the Z-Probe. Again nothing. It shows not connected.

Quickly getting irritated and feel like I wasted my money. Please help!

Please try to skip (disable) homing and probe for now - will the machine work okay now?
Both these functions are easy enough to active later, getting the basics runnings first would be good.

check the wiring of your homing switches.