X-Carve in New Zealand

So, I am curious how many of us are using an X-Carve in New Zealand.


Am I missing someone?

We should have a meet up sometime.


What part of Auckland do you live in?

I’m over in Glenfield - North Shore, not too far from the Glenfield Mall.

My husband and I would be keen to meet up @sketch42. Good idea.
I created a little business using the xcarve, and I work from home. I am only making basic stuff so far, but it seems to be moving. You would have seen me commenting on your posts with my business IG page.

Yep, the stuff you are making for your business on the X-Carve looks good, fits the market, and fits your brand.

Too bad we can’t easily head down to Tongariro National Park and meet up with @MatthewHubbard thought he may stop by sometime when in Auckland.

We can work on the details of a meet up in a PM.

Hey guys, if only i lived in the biggest city in New Zealand too. i do intend to be in contact as of when i come up to Auckland next.i am going to have a go at cutting out a iPhone6 case from your design @sketch42 in ebony. great job you did with that. @Kasia what is your business page i would like to have a look?

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Thanks @MatthewHubbard!
Be sure to let us know when you are heading up to Auckland.

Ebony sounds like a great match for the iPhone 6S project. It shouldn’t be too far off in the feeds/speeds department as the Rimu and Kauri I’ve been making mine out of. Let me know if you run into any issues. You might want to pick up one of these Dremel bits for the inner corner under cuts:


Will do. Cheers for the advice :grinning:

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@MatthewHubbard It would be good to catch up. My little business is called CraftLoveNature.

Just added @HaydenBrown and @DavidSohlstrom to the list.

FYI… I too am not a Kiwi just yet :smile: my son is though.

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Where in NZ are you located?

I’m in North Shore, Auckland

Looks like you are some 1252 km north of Hayden or a 2 hour 40 minute flight.



There is an owner in Tamiru that goes by the handle of Pstew. He is listed on the owner map.
I don’t know that I have seen any posts on the forum.


Yup https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z8lmbsW3QRFw.kKHcpAd_jMYQ


Barbados eh?

I’m guessing this isn’t the NZ forum…

Hi @ScottMoyse,

Yep this is the one. Welcome!

I’ll add your name to the list at the top.

Edit: or maybe I can’t… but, welcome just the same.

So, what problems are you having with your SO2?

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I wonder why you can’t…

Basically, I tested the stepper motors by wiring them up before assembly, as instructed. They worked fine. Then I built the whole thing, and soldered all the connections, insulated and shrink wrapped each connection and enclosed it in expandable sleeve… it’s beautiful. But as soon as I turned it on, the motors started buzzing and one of the capacitors on the g-shield started to get really hot.

So we started switching out the wiring onto different connections to see if we could isolate if it was a problem with the board (as a result of trying to solder on additional pins for the speed controller) or the wiring. Continuity tests on the wiring seems fine. I haven’t had a chance to look at it again for about 6 weeks, and intend on doing just that in the next few. My plan is to pull all the solders apart, and temporarily use the connector blocks that came with the machine to see if that rectifies it. That should isolate the issue between the g-shield vs solders on the stepper motor wires once and for all. I’m bummed though, I was really looking forward to just getting into it.

Also man is it a PITA to get squared up. I haven’t been able to find any decent tutorials with sure fire methods of doing so either.


If the capacitor that was getting hot is one of the large can capacitors by the stepper motor driver chips then most likely you have a power supply or power wiring issue. These capacitors are hooked between plus motor voltage and ground.

If you had the motor voltage wiring backwards these capacitors would be damaged and get really hot or blow up.