X-Carve in New Zealand

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As for squaring the machine, I might be able to help with that a little. Minus the differences between Shapeoko 2 and X-carve it should be relatively the same.

Yes :slight_smile:

Isaac Neuman

Phil Medcalf

we are in Wakefield - Nelson area SI

Didn’t know there is a NZ thread - good to know

Can you please add us ? I also marked in the Owners Map

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To all Kiwi X-Carve users,

We wish you all a very happy New Year - with lots of building, carving and mainly helping each other.

Phil and Isaac

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Happy New Year!

Hi Guys,

Is there someone in our group using Hard Limit switches - I.E 3 homing and 3 limit switches in NC configuration ?

Need some help with the wiring logic - pins - etc.



Sorry, not I.

Though I have been using soft limits to great effect.

@LarryM has posted a decent amount about limit switch wiring and there are a few links found on this thread:
Breaking homing switches - Uh, and lot's of other stuff

I also remember reading about using Hall Effect limit switches as “Hard Limits” for the Shapeoko 2 a while back and it had a pretty nice diagram, but I can’t seem to find it now.

I think you wire them in series for each axis to the same pins as the homing switches and wire them as NC like you said and then you tell the gShield these settings. When you wire them NC then you’ll definitely want to have them shielded and the shielding grounded so reduce noise as well as maybe putting in noise filters if the shielding isn’t enough. Sometimes a noisy AC line can cause the machine to trip into Alarm mode in the middle of a job with the switches are set as NC without proper noise preventative measures.

Hi @sketch42


It looks to me at this stage I will stay with the homing switches and soft limits. The Hard limit is becoming too complicated.



Hi kiwis!

Glad I found a NZ forum going on here. I’m in Auckland and I’ve been looking at getting an X-Carve for a while now. Would you guys be able to tell how much you got charged for the customs tax?


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Hi @TimLee ,


My customs cost was $330 NZ

I got the 1000mm version with standard spindle and nema23s. I did get the waste board, but it’s package wasn’t held for customs fees.

I’ve since upgraded to an X-Controller and a Makita router controlled by a relay.

Fire off any questions you have and we’ll be happy to help if we can.

I’m in Auckland too, where are you at in Auckland?

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Great, thanks for the reply!

What does the X-controller do? Does it replace the arduino for the X-Carve?

I’m in St. Johns/Meadowbank. What about you?

No worries.

Yep, the X-controller replaces the power supply and arduino/g-shield and adds some more functionality, some more power to the motors, and some more ease of use/setup (no soldiering) I was in the beta test program for it, but honestly I’d buy it and definitely recommend it.

I’m in the North Shore area.


Christchurch based. Just ordered a 500mm version. I am sure after the expected Customs whohar I will setting up and asking many questions on these forums.
I’d like to start with Easel, but want to give Fusion360 a try later, I have some familiarity with 3D Modeling, but the CAM side of things is all new to me.

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If you have not already and your package ends up being more than $1,000NZD(depends on config) then make sure to get a client code from customs. It takes a few days to process so you don’t want it waiting in the loading dock while they get it processed.

More here http://www.customs.govt.nz/news/utilities/Pages/client-codes.aspx
and here http://www.customs.govt.nz/incommercial/importprocedures/importprocess/Pages/default.aspx?s=4

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Thanks Geoff!

It was shipped only 2 days after I ordered. Arrived today. I think it took longer to get from Auckland to Christchurch than it did to get from Chicago to NZ. No issues with customs at all. A friend dropped off some 3D printed adaptor rings for the Makita router today (got the .stl files off this forum a while back). Tomorrow I will start putting it together. Tonight I’ll just read these forums to see if there are any little gotchas I need to be aware of.

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Nice! Welcome to the world of X-Carve!

Let us know if you run into any problem spots.

Just a random comment for you. I got electric shocked by my Makita router, the whole body became live. It was faulty. Apart from that it has been brilliant, and they replaced the faulty one. AllTrades Henderson in Auckland are good because they do repairs on the spot if there is an issue.

hello Angus im not on the map im in Palmerston North

Hi all.
I am looking into getting a 100x100 Xcarve. Could you please let me know your recommended parts for buying? I know that I will have to buy a trimmer here but what mounts etc would work with trimmers we can get here? what is everyone running and what works best? did you get the base board or would it be better shipping etc wise to just make one? does the supplied power supply work here in NZ or would I need an alternative?

sorry for all the questions

thanks in advance

Leigh :slight_smile: