X-Carve Keeps Disconnecting from Easel (Loses connection with computer)

The x-carve disconnects from the computer every single time, it runs for no longer than 15min and most of the time less than 1min. When the disconnection happens, the spindle stays on but the router does not move anymore (spindle is on a relay).

I have tried:

  1. Using a different network (wired connection)
  2. Changing the male type-b cable
  3. Changing the female type-b cable
  4. Grounding the vacuum directly to the outlet
  5. Using 3 different computers
  6. Grounding the sheathing
  7. Directly powering the spindle

This has been quite a tedious and frustrating experience, I’ve read the other two posts regarding this and none of them worked. Are there any other ideas you guys might have?


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I have this problem

Troubleshooting is a pain in the behind - been there!

I could trip my connection by turning the ceiling lights off…
How many hours do you have on your Dewalt?
Have you tried an externally powered USB-hub?
Have you tried separating power wires from signal wires?
Have you tried running without vacuum?
Have you tried running an “air carve” with router OFF, but everything else going?
Have you bypassed the USB-socket on the front panel of your Xcontroller, connecting directly to the internal board?

Just adding cents :slight_smile:

Ive had something similar happen two different ways. First was if computer went to sleep every time it would happen, Changed settings so it doesnt sleep while plugged in. Secondly is more of an observance. It seems as though if i use another power tool on the same electrical circuit as the xcarve while carving it will happen occasionally. Happens less since I got a smaller vacuum. Very small space,
just my thoughts.

Sorry this is long, but maybe there is a tidbit for you here.

  1. Get off of EASEL. I used it for about 5 minutes when I purchased my machine about 3 years ago. I give Inventables a kudo for providing a free program (maybe not so free anymore). But, think about all the things in series that have to work perfectly: The laptop, GRBL, the X-Controller, the link from the laptop to the WIFI router, the router is not too far from the laptop (or, coverage may be intermittent), the Internet must be good and solid, the Inventable’s servers (whatever) have to be perfect, EASEL can’t have any s/w detects that result in download halts. And then, there could be power fluctuations. To get off a lot of the above, I purchased the great Vectric s/w (yes, its pricey, but excellent). So, I got rid of a number of the potential problems listed.

  2. You must use an UPS! Generally, they have limited battery capability and some sockets that are battery backed up and some that are simply surge protected. Plug the X-Controller into the battery backup. Your laptop should have it own battery. Plug the Router and Vac into non-battery backedup sockets. The backup can’t carry anything for too long, but it can carry you through brief power glitches. Beware, that as a UPS battery ages, its capability seems to diminish until it basically just shuts down immediately.

  3. Turnoff everything that the laptop is doing that is not required, like Anti-Virus, Windows s/w updates, and hard drive backup. Maybe you can up the “priority” that Windows is using to service GRBL. When I was troubleshooting a less frequent halt issue, I would not even use the internet during the carve to try and eliminate laptop causes. After fixing the problem by replacing the USB cable with a BETTER one and a SHORTER one, I started doing more work on my laptop during a carve without a problem.

  4. While I don’t know what, if any, of the pins on the X Controller could cause your problem - maybe power to the X-Controller - check all wire connections at the X-Controller. Those “screw” terminals used are notorious for loose wire. There can easily be a vibration input to the X-Controller. Maybe the X-Controller power by itself is causing the outages. Years ago, I started used “circular” pins made by “IWISS” (Amazon and others) in the “screw” connectors with no problems since.

These are just several ideas I didn’t see discussed.