X-Carve laser and fume extraction - showcase

Hi there folks,
I am looking for some advice on fume extraction now that I have upgraded my 1000 x 1000 X-Carve with the J Tech 2.8W laser. I have this mounted to the side of the spindle.

As I cannot afford the commercial fume extraction systems, and filter maintenance/replacement, I think that my best option is to try to vent outside. This would satisfy a low cost alternative and ensure fumes are safely dispersed outside my garage.

I have seen some videos with lasers in operation without fume extraction (scary thought) and with fume extraction (but video is focusing on the process naturally).

Can anyone with a fume extraction setup share some photos and/or details how your system is set up?

This would certainly be useful for me but also for other laser users to show-off their systems and share their experiences.

Thanks for any advice and look forward to seeing lots of fun set up photos.

I don’t have an X-Carve yet, but am also planning on adding a laser too, so I have an interest in this thread. Just off the top of my head, if you’re going to be venting to the outside, I would imagine that you would only need something similar to an exhaust fan/range hood set up, similar to a spray booth or what most people have over their stoves.

I think that exhaust fan/range hood set up would be a good option. Assuming of course that by simply venting outside this is sufficient to eliminate any toxic emissions from material being laser cut/etch. Not too sure on the technicalities of measuring the efficiency/effectiveness of this. Maybe keeping it simple if the way to go.
A picture speaks a thousand words and generates ideas/designs and solutions that can be adapted to suit your own particular arrangements though.
Will be a nice photo thread if it gets going…