X-Carve Makita Light Ring

Hello !
This is a quick upgrade for the Makita Router.

I have recently upgraded my X-Carve and I was disappointed by the lack of light from the router. I added a light to it so I can see what the router is doing.

I found that STL File on Thingiverse : Light Ring for CNC

Here’s how to do it :

Print the STL in PLA.
I used that specific light ring that has a 3M tape back Light Ring.

  • First remove the 3 little tabs on the ring.
  • Then remove the tape from the light and pass it around the router.
  • After that, fill the light ring’s inner groove with hot glue at 350F and quickly press the printer part onto it. (Printing with PLA, which has a low melting point temperature ensures a strong bond between the printed part and the ring.)
  • Once the glue cools down, you can add it onto the router and pass the wires inside the channel on the left of the router mount. There should be enough space for it to fit and enough cable length.
  • Finally, firmly press the printed part to the 3M tape and secure the light with a M3 screw on the side.

The light itself works with 12V. You will have to add a 12V cable inside your track.


Very clever, thanks for the idea. I need to see if it will fit the DeWalt router now.

The DeWalt has lights built in.

yes but not very good coverage if making videos