X-Carve Modular Wasteboard Replacements - Easel Project

Hi there, everyone! Natalie from Inventables here. We noticed that some users are looking to make their own replacement wasteboard sections for the X-Carve Modular Wasteboard. We wanted to make this process a bit easier, so we asked X-Carve Product Manager, Luke Wilson, to put this Easel project together. Replacement wasteboard sections can now be carved on the X-Carve itself!

You can find the X-Carve Modular Wasteboard Section Easel file here: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/SP-8O54-ZQfpZLTtfW3KaA

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!


New to X-Carve and want to protect the Wasteboard on my shiny new 1000mm machine. Do you have an Easel project version that matches the hole pattern of the 2021> modular Wasteboard, but on a single board? Yes I know this would make the t-track inaccessible, but I would like to overlay and match holes on existing Wasteboard.
Thanks so much!

accepting wear is kinda the point of the wasteboard to begin with. I’d suggest just cutting a full set of spare boards now and keeping them at the ready for when you want to swap out the old, damaged ones for brand new ones.
And just use the CNC as designed and accept that there will be cut lines in the wasteboard after a few parts are cut out and that’s perfectly normal.

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