X-carve motor upgrade

I got my hands on a some stepper motors that I would like to use mon an x-carve.
I am currently running the stock motors with an x-controller.

The motors are heavier at 1.4kg, will this be an issue?
They are longer. So at the moment I wont be able to use them for the Z axis. Might consider upgrading to the cnc4newbie direct drive for z.
They have an 8mm shaft so I will need new pulleys, I am thinking I will upgrade to 9mm belts as well.
The wiring connector is different, I think I would rather run new wires over cutting the existing ones.
is there somewhere I can see read the specs for the x-controller and what motors it can support?

I am hoping someone can weight in on if they see any issues with these motors?

Motor details
Sanyo Denki - 103H7823-5740

Holding torque at 2-phase energization [N·m (oz·in) min.]: 2.7 (382.3)
Rated current: 2
Wiring resistance: 2.4
Winding inductance:9.5
Rotor inertia:0.84
Mass (Weight)[kg (Ibs)]:1.34 (2.95)
Motor length (L): 85.8 (3.38)
Shaft Diameter: 8mm.

data sheet

Appreciate any insight you can offer.

I recently upgraded my machine to the 2690z motors, and had the same problem with the Z axis.

What did was to mount it upside down with spacers for support. It works really well.

With the wiring, I cut off the original connecter and used these green ones. Not sure what they are called.

Thanks for the reply and including pictures. Looks like it turned out well.
How have you found it since upgrading the motors?
Is it worth the effort? Did you have any issues?

Sam, did you have to do any changes to the dip switches or potentiometers? I added those same motors to my x-carve but its running slow. I changed the $100 and $101 value to 26.66. Are there any other settings in machine inspector that are required to get the most out of these motors?

Thank you for your time.