X-Carve Moves the home position

I am trying to cut a 24 x 24 Pc. When I home the machine to the bottom left corner it seems to start fine. After cutting for a few min it try’s to run off the top of the waste board. Then once I stop it goes back to the Home position but its about 12" above where it started. Need some Insight to what I am doing wrong. It cuts smaller pcs fine like 12 x 16 no issues.

Sounds like you might be loosing some steps. Try checking your belt tension and v-wheels. You may also want to adjust your stepper pots on the gshield.

Sounds to me like he is loosing a lot of steps. 12" is a big change. :smile:

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Thanks I will check the belts when i get home. How do you check the pots.

I’d take a look at @RobertA_Rieke tutorial, its pretty good and how I adjusted mine.

To reduce step loss on the Y-axis the POTs will need to be changed from the default position. To do this, just slightly adjust the Y potentiometer by turning it clockwise by a small amount until the Y-axis moves smoothly at rapid speeds (link when moving a long distance while Z is retracted on a large job)
Do not over-torque these pots - they are tiny and gentle and will break. The pots have 270 degrees of rotation.

See here for more detail:

See also:

Wow, I just ran across this string and RobertA_Rieke’s video. I REALLY wish these pot tuning instructions were part of the setup instructions. I know I would have had a number of less headaches, if I’d done this during setup.

On another note, I’m also not sure why an actual squaring of the Y-axis motors isn’t part of the setup instructions. Perhaps I’m dense, but I’m missed that until I was doing a longer cut this weekend and noticed my Y-Axis wasn’t square to my wasteboard. Meaning the two Y motors were not square to my board. There are steps in the instructions on squaring Z and X, but Y was an easy adjustment using the wasteboard lines. Again maybe I’m just dense on that one, but I missed it and it would have been a easy steps to ensure the CNC is setup correctly. Just like the pot tunings. Suggested enhancement to setup instructions.