X-carve noise level and soundproofing

Hi there, I’m tempted to buy an x-carve but I live in a flat in a city centre so my main concern is noise and how I could reduce it. My thought would be to build some sort full enclosure for the x-carve with sound proofing tiles built into it. Has anyone else had any experience in dampening the sound of their x-carve and if so, does it reduce it to reasonable levels? If I can get it down to the level of a Vacuum cleaner I’d be happy.


honestly my shop vac is louder than the x carve is.


yes, my shop vac is much louder than the Dewalt when the machine is running.

I use a vacuum table a lot to hold down materials and I use a shop vac for that. That is the most fatiguing part of the noise.

In the reality, Vacuum table works with Vacuum pump. Shop vac is noisy and can’t work extended time. Dust collection is less noisy but not enough suction. Consider finding cheap source for Vacuum pump.

I’ve got one. I prefer my setup for plastic sheet, which I cut a lot of.

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My thought was if I could build a large casing at the end of my work desk to hold my 3D printer, a k40 laser cutter and the 50cm x-carve, each on industrial drawers so I can slide them in and out to access. Obviously each one would be within it’s own contained area to stop or minimise dust getting anywhere. Attached is a crude drawing.

Sorry if I sound stupid here but what are the benefits to using a shop vac over a dust collector if the dust collector isn’t as noisy? If a dust collector isn’t as noisy I’m wondering if I could stick that in a sound proofed cupboard as well…

I think my heart just want’s a CNC machine for projects but maybe I need to find a workshop/hacker space somewhere to use one instead.

A dust collector is definitely better. I’ve just not added one to my set up yet. I will in the future. The shop vac is just temporary because I have it.

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i know decibels compound as they increase, but I’d be willing to bet my shop vac is twice as loud is the X-Carve running. It’s not pleasant.

I just found this on youtube and it’s exactly what I’d love to achieve. I can’t believe how quiet they’ve managed to make it!

I would also have some type of rubber pad or something on the floor to deaden vibrations

Tbh, X-carve is not at all that loud, but here’s one affordable option I can suggest. The main advantage of these acoustic blankets. is that you can quickly assemble as well as disassemble the whole thing at any time. They’re of industrial grade quality, and are usually used around construction sites, so they should block or at least muffle pretty much any sound. Except for gunshots and explosions.

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