X-Carve not Responding to Easel

So i have had a few people message me on why theie x-carve has not been responding to easel. i have found a new reason.

common sense kicked in when i got thinking about it.

so xcarve was not at all responding to easel so i opened arduino and tried $X in console it returned hard limit error. all the limit switches are working and not at the stops. turns out maybe we should be running the limit switches in a shielded cable. between the holding current to the motor and the spindle powers wire pwm signal it actually induces enough voltage in the limit switch lines to fool the arduino into thinking its at a limit. also the motor cables are shielded so we should also try grounding the shield of those at ONLY ONE END not both. hope this helps somewhat for the people that are still struggling with this issue.

Happy Carving! and Drawing (i dont have a spindle yet so i tie rapped a marker to the side of the 611 mount)