X-Carve Pre-Assembly Questions

Been reading thru the forums for over a year now and I made the leap and purchased a Full 1000mm X-Carve. Obviously excited for delivery. I built a solid workbench 6 months ago that the machine will sit on.

First, I’m considering putting the X-Controller on a shelf below or mounting to the side of the table, with a vented shield, to protect it from wood-chips/dust. Suggestions? Is there enough extra wire slack provided to allow this? Could I extend the wires? What wire gauges? Will this made configuration/calibration of amperage harder when I get to that step?

Second, I see a lot of other assembly photos that use Wire Braided Loom to neatly bundle wires together. I saw suggestion on 1/4 and 1/2 inch sizes. Would 10ft lengths of each size be enough? Rather do slow and neat the first time because I know I will not want to redo it after its completed.

I got my Metric set of T-Handle Hex Key Set and 5mm hex drill driver all ready.
Heat Shrink and Zip Ties Ready for the Belt tension.
Label Maker ready to label cables early during assembly.

Something else I may be missing that I could prepare for successfully assembly nights?

Drag chain well controls most of the wiring.
Likely not enough cable to place controller under the main frame. and it is a good idea to have the E stop accessable as well as the pause and play buttons on front pannel.
Cables are pre-labeled from Inventables.
I attached the belts just as shown in the instructions (no zip ties or shrink tube), tensioned to 4.5# at 1 inch pull. Been running over a year and never a slip.