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X-CARVE PRO - Accessories?

For those who purchased the X-CARVE PRO … did you purchase anything else from the “inventable’s shop” that you would recommend getting? See the link below for the shop link. I want to make sure I am prepared for when I get my machine!

It comes with everything you need to start - a planning bit, 1/4" carbide down cut (new shipments might have an upcut now, not sure) and a 90* V bit. You also get 1/4" and 1/8" collets.

I’ve since picked up a 60* V bit for a carve that had a lot of small features.

I’m trying to stick with mostly 1/4" shank tools since I’m lazy sometimes and don’t want to change my collet out… Inventables is a little light on bits with 1/4" shanks at the moment, so for now I’ve purchased off Amazon. What you need also kind of depends on what you want to carve, for example I’m eyeballing a compression bit right now because I know I have some projects coming up that will require a lot of plywood cutouts and I want to try to save myself some time.

Currently this is what’s in my bit collection:
(If you’re interested, I’ve included links to the bits Inventables carries and the rest are Amazon Affiliate links):

1/4" upcut
2x 1/4" downcut
1/8" upcut
1/8" downcut
1/4" ball nose upcut
2x 90* V bit
60* V bit
1.25" planning bit
Plus a few other things I might have “borrowed” from my trim router :shushing_face:

Happy carving, hope your machine shows up soon!