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X Carve Pro and Mastercam issues

I utilize Mastercam at work for designing and programming a vast array of parts. But the problem is I am unable to import Mastercam files into X Carve Pro v9.5. If I export the MCAM file into a IGS, STP or DFX file X Carve Pro does not read the file at all or incorrectly. Also, I have not found a Post Processor or a Machine definition that will enable me to post out my files to read the GRBL code correctly. Most of the time I have to reinvent the wheel and design and program in X Carve Pro v9.5, so that I am able to cut out my projects. Any advice on how to get X Carve Pro to read MCAM files?

Can you share one or all of those exports?

By the way, I believe you meant V-Carve.

Yes you are correct it is V Carve… Wine_Bottle_Holder_(arms).mcam (680.5 KB) Wine_Bottle_Holder_(arms).dwg (598.5 KB) Wine_Bottle_Holder_(arms).dxf (2.2 MB) Wine_Bottle_Holder_(arms).igs (1.1 MB) Wine_Bottle_Holder_(arms).stp (1.3 MB)

Is it just the arm shape or is there something else in the file?

This is just the arm for this file. I have all the other parts broken down into separate files.

The DXF definitely has some issues. Looks like there is more than just the arm, and V-Carve doesn’t like it. Inkscape sees it ok, but with done artifacts. The stp file opened without issue in Fusion, but it includes two arms, stacked. I wonder if that was the issue with the DXF export.
Anyway, I could get a DXF from there, but your best bet would be to try to deal with the DXF export directly.
Have you tried exporting an STL?

Yes, I have tried STL and can’t remember what if it worked correctly or not…

Ideally, you’d get a better DXF export. I don’t know MasterCam, so I can’t help there.
Any chance you are selecting multiple objects in 3d when trying to export?

Not sure, I will try it out when I get home tonight and see what happens. Thanks Neil