X-Carve Pro Firmware Update - 10/31/2023

Hi everyone!

We are releasing a firmware update next week on October 31, as part of the regular maintenance and product improvements that we do to ensure optimal performance and functionality with our machines.

After the firmware update is released, X-Carve Pro users will be prompted to update their current firmware the next time their X-Carve Pro machine is connected to Easel. Users should not expect any changes in Easel as a result of the firmware update.

For best results when using your machine, we recommend that all X-Carve Pro users update their firmware when prompted.

Have a great weekend!

This is a firmware update for X-Carve Pro machines only. If you have any questions about updating your machine’s firmware, please review the following links for documentation and support.

How to Check Your Firmware Settings
X-Carve Pro FAQ
Contact Inventables Support

I’m guessing the firmware update hasn’t been released yet? I’m still on the old firmware and no prompt has popped up yet.

It won’t just pop up… you need to click the carve button and you will see a message prompting you to update the firmware.

I updated my XCP today.

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The one thing I didn’t try yet! Thanks!

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Nothing has prompted me to update the firmware yet. I’m still on XCPd.20230214a.

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