X-Carve Pro For Sale > Littleton, CO > $2k

I’m changing platforms and would like to sell the Pro before July 4. Respond here if you’re interested.

In good working order, well looked after with nearly pristine wasteboards.

Interested. Which model and what is included.

Hi Greg,

It’s a Pro 4x4, one of the first batch to be delivered. The attached photo shows it working for the final projects before it gets dismantled on July 4th to make way for a new ShopSabre.


  • Standard machine - spindle, frame, gantry, control boxes, cables, z-height puck, wasteboards, collet wrenches, etc.
  • Dust boot + Vac hose + hose hose swing arm.
  • Selection of bits with some wear but are good for testing / learning.
  • Some solid wood set-asides that are good for testing / learning.


  • $1,000 for 2 x heavy duty U-Line tables
  • $100 for Mullet cyclone dust collector
  • $100 for California Air Tools 8 gal compressor. The cut-out switch is troublesome but can probably be repaired easily - it was used in our shop, but is no longer needed, so I haven’t bothered to fix.

Hi did you get this sold?

I am interested in buying this from you. Let me know. Thank you

Hi Anthony,

Still available. Let me know if you want to take a look and make a decision

Machine has been sold.