X-carve pro locked on right side x axis

When working with a 48 inch wide piece of wood, the x carve pro got hung up on the clamp on the far right side. Now it won’t home (it makes an awful sound). I can jog both z and y but x does nothing but make a sound. I checked the machine inspector, and the lights on the limit switches all show as green when I press the blue button. How to get this thing to home? The unlock option does nothing except make noises.

The answer is here:

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After I finished with the machine yesterday, it return to the home position after finishing a cut and I powered off the Pro. Now, when I turn on and try to home, it fails on the x axis. Jog controls work for y and z but not x. It is now stuck on far left side. Error message pops up when I try to home saying to check for obstructions. There are none.

Trying different things while waiting to hear back from Inventables support, I got the machine to move on the X-axis. Problem is when it homed, it went to the far right (instead of left) and then had a hard stop. After unlocking it there, and manually moving the gantry back of to the middle, I got the X has to jog 1/4" before it stopped. If I homed, it went to far right again.

In talking with the Inventables tech support guy this morning, he suggested that I swap cables (to the X and Z motors) to see if the issue is in the controller or the cables. When I was going to do that, I found the X axis cable was not seated in all the way. So I first tried that. And lo and behold, all is well again.

So if you see weird behavior like this, check to be sure the cables are pushed all the way in. Part way, you will still get some power, but the machine will not perform correctly. I guess they may shake out of position over time as the machine does it work.