X-Carve Pro no longer can be communicated with

Our X-Carve pro has been working fine for about the last year and was last used for a project this past week.

I tried to cut another project just yesterday and noticed that it was no longer homing properly on the y1 and y2 axis, the gantry could be moved by hand when it shouldnt be able to. I turned off the controller, rebooted my PC and could then no longer communicate with the controller. My PC acknowledges that it’s connected to something via USB in Device Manager but that’s it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the FTDI driver.

I’ve tried to setup a new machine via Easel but there is no communication over the USB port that is connected to the controller. The controller appears to be dead.

What could have happened here, how can I fix this?

Our controller was replaced under warranty.


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