X carve pro noise level

Hi all,
I am just starting to get into CNC carving and I’m also in the process of moving. I am concerned on the noise level of having the pro in my garage. I am moving into a townhouse and have a regular two car garage. But I will be sharing one wall and of course the garage door to the outside. My concern is for The neighbors on the level of noise and also issues for me, from them.
I definitely will have the dust collection and Shop-Vac underneath the table where I will build in and soundproof. Would like to hear from others and their comments regarding how noisy this machine is. Also is it comparable to irregular Makita router.
Thank you in advance

Depends what you’re cutting and what bit you use. It’s pretty loud sometimes on the cut, not really on the spindle. You could always build a plexiglass shield around it which would decrease the noise level significantly I would imagine.

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