X-Carve Pro Not cutting properly

When I start any new project, I always home the project using the Home Probe to set all the axis. and it never fails that it does not cut the edges properly. I make sure that the object being cut is squared on X and Y. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong.

Second, when I have to hit the emergency stop, I can’t get the CNC to restart again. Yes, I have reset the ER stop button. I have to shut down the machine and reboot it to get it to work. I that the way it is supposed to work or am I doing something wrong.

it appears that your 16x11 rectangle is not positioned in the corner 0,0 correctly. thus it is off-center and would produce the lip shown in the 3d preview…
It’s possible I’m not totally understanding your issue, and I might add that it really depends on how you are performing that squaring function when attaching the workpiece to the wasteboard, if you’re relying on the MDF slats, those aren’t necessarily square to the actual movement of the CNC, not unless the assembler (usually you) purposely set them up as such, and most X-Carve Pro owners do not know how to do this or the possible importance of it when initially assembling the cnc…

Regarding the E-Stop process, yes that is how the X-Carve Pro works. a portion of that is a result of how the VFD is wired in and how it requires a hard reset to clear any faults/alarms since the control panel of the VFD is outside of the operator’s access, hidden inside the controller tower.

Seth… On Easel Pro I have it lined up perfect… I am new at this but I dont understand why it is carving slightly to the right.

Your origin is not set accurately or your stock is not the same size you defined in Easel.
If you need a design to be centered on stick like that, use the center as your origin in Easel and then accurately set zero on the center of your stock.

How are you setting your work origin?

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I’ve seen people placing the EDGE of the bit at the corner of the material, this would askew the carve up and to the right by half the diameter of the bit…
However yours looks to off by more than that, which could be an issue of either the above mentioned issue AND the material not actually matching the dimensions entered in easel…
AND OR the cnc calibration is ALSO incorrect.
I recommend verifying the CNC movement is correctly Calibrated

BUT ALSO agree 100% with what Neil said, IF you want something centered, then use CENTER as the 0,0 when running the carve, do NOT use a corner… I find myself very RARELY using a corner as 0,0 these days…

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My stock is accurate. In Easel i set it to center and then set my x y zero with the probe on bottom left of my material. Again I am new but It sounds am setting my zero wrong. So set it with the bit, confirm position, then use the probe to set the height?

And THANK you for the quick response. This is only my 5th cut with only 1 successful one on practice runs

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Neil and Seth, y’all rock! Seth you been on it and for Neil to jump in I can tell this is going to be something I will accelerate in. I have the drive just the knowledge is what I lack. Truly Thankful for this discuss and forum!!

Prior to reading this, I set my zero manually, did not do any of the center method although I did probe it in the center I set my zero with the bit in the furthest corner left i could, on a scrap work piece, and indeed I was off again. Now I was off prior to trying this zero method, I am going to check this calibration video out first because I bought a used machine that was upgraded to a Makita,(came with deawalt) it’s 1000x1000 but as far as the belts and drive all of that I truly have no clue, I can tell it’s belt driven but when I set the machine up I think I have selected the wrong set up somehow in the other questions. If any pointers there that will be my next step. Hopefully this calibration video will shed the light and the new centering method.

Seriously THANK YALL!

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Ok i started a different thread because i had
a different issue, you guys have been great so if this ain’t allowed just let me know. Can i continue to stay in one thread even tho i have a different issue?

We may be on to something with this one, my X Y was off, so i changed it from left corner to the middle and this seems to of thrown my Z off as i was cutting air. I went back to left corner and now i am cutting material. What’s the cause of this?

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