X-Carve Pro Performance Videos

Hey! We are in the process of getting some footage of running the XCP at hight speed rates and depths of cut for various materials. I’ll be updating this thread as I get more stuff recorded.

Here is the first one, running through cherry at 0.25 depth per pass:


There is a good bit more coming with aluminum, including some tool path strategies but this really shows off how rigid and how much torque the machine has.

Bit: Onsurd 63-622
Speed: 40 ipm
DOC: 1/4 in
Spindle Speed: 16,000 RPM


These are great to see! I don’t have my machine yet (or any CNC), but are these settings going to be available as presets within Easel? Or do we have to test and figure out what we can do on our own?

I’ve only barely played with Easel (it’s hard to really get into it without the machine), but can we also save our own cutting profiles?

Great question, so Easel has presets depending on the machine you are using, the bit and the material. Usually you can be pretty flexible with settings when doing woods/plastics, metal you’ll usually want to work off of chipload. This article goes deeper into it.

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And you can save cutting profiles, sorry didn’t mention that before!

This is a good video. What diameter is the cutter in the video? What do you suggest as a maximum DOC for a 0.125" 2 Flute Carbide Cutter?