X-Carve Pro - T Track Install Instructions

Even thought I received the T Track parts a month or so ago, I’m finally between enough projects to get to installing.


In the XCP T Track install instructions video, at ~ 00:30, Brandon says to use socket head screws, but the install video is showing button head screws. I’m going to make an educated guess that socket head screws are used here, since they have lock tight on the threads.

Later in the video, the waste board is attached with ‘ball head screws’ (assuming button-head).Hear, Brandon distinctly calls out 3mm screws, so that identifies the button head screws.

Just wanted to make sure my selections are correct.

Watching the video, he said socket head screws, but those are button head machine screws he is installing from the looks of them. I suspect he meant to say hex head screws or button head screws but not socket head screws.

Here are the ones inventables sells.

Screw | Inventables](Button Head Cap Screw | Inventables)

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