X-carve pro table height

What table height is everyone using for their x-carve/pro? I am building a 6’ x 6’ table, just unsure of this.I have searched but not found a good answer yet.

Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m wondering the same thing. I’m 5’-3" and don’t want to make it too tall, not sure what the bed height is above the supporting table/machine feet.

well it isn’t a workbench, or a desk, you won’t be leaning over it wrenching on stuff for more than a few minutes at a time. . I would use the elbows bend at 90 height and then subtract about 3" if you want it at a lower comfort height, or leave it there if you want a bit taller to do visual inspections without a hunched back. . . Even at the same height, individuals will prefer different wasteboard heights. . .

I just don’t want to end up using a stool to access the middle of my pieces! Haha

So you’re saying the wasteboard surface is about 3" taller than whatever your table height is (provided you don’t add an extra wasteboard)? I’m about to paint my table legs and would like to adjust the table height now and before I start putting my machine together.

I’m certain I’ll want a different table height than your average Joe (short body, long legs, it’s a whole thing - haha), so I’m mostly just concerned with that bed height.

I don’t have the exact height of the frame. . . and i will vary based on the height you set the feet too… but you can get a sense of the height in the assembly videos…(There’s more on youTube as well…)

I did start watching those, just haven’t finished yet,
but i can go back and look. Guess I was just looking for an estimation. I mean is this thing 8" above your table or is it really more like 4-5?

with the wasetboard on top, it’s about 4-5" :+1:

After all that, look what I did find!! (the pdf attachment has multiple views and multiple dimensions)

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