X-Carve Pro > Work Zero problem for g-code from Vectric Aspire

I am having trouble getting work zero dialed in for g-code from Vectric Aspire - see attached screenshot from Easel after importing the code.

It seems that there is a “machine zero” that is missing that needs to be added to the work zero, but that doesn’t make sense since 0,0 should be the left bottom corner for the machine irrespective.

Any ideas? Code is attached as well.
3D Roughing 2.nc (182.7 KB)

//Just FYI, this is a demonstration project to prepare to scale to a 25-inch 3D carve, which Easel cannot handle so it has to be g-code.

by chance is “use offset” checked? and values entered in the boxes?

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Thanks, this has resolved it. One thing that was not clear in Easel when importing g-code is that it appends code to the beginning and end that is effectively a work zero default control for start and end of each carve.

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