X-Carve Pro Z- axis issues

I am totally a newbie when it comes to CNC carving. I went big with my first machine and purchased the X-Carve Pro 4 x 4. My carvings are basic but they were coming out fine. I am doing the same process of setting uo my carve but now the bit is draging across the wood when it is going from the homing position to the beginning of the carve and when it moves from location to another ruining the carve. I also noticed in a complete cut through design it is cutting deeper then the listed material. I have not seen this issue on the Forum for the new X Carve Pro. I am not sure if it is a Easel or X- Carve Pro issue I will contact Inventables later this week. Remember I am very new to this process of carving but have found Easel very intutive .

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Are you using your Z probe to set your starting depth or are you manually setting it?

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You can also change how high it goes up when moving.

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Something is wrong with z settings

The usual issues that could cause this sort of problem:

  1. probe thickness is entered wrong in the machine setup, you can run through machine setup in easel (Machine>setup new machine and then when you get to the probe page you need to set the actual thickness precisely measured, I think this setting is in the advanced section)

  2. Z was set off in a corner and the workpiece is much lower in that corner than in the actual area of the carve

  3. Z set with paper AND not lifted before sending the carve AND the carve area being higher than the z zero location…

  4. $102 value is wrong, this can happen if you did the machine setup and picked x-carve instead of pro…this shouldn’t cause the dragging, but would cause excessive depths when cutting, so I doubt that this is the issue, but the grbl settings can be verified by going to Machine>Advanced>Machine inspector And going to the bottom portion where all the numbers are with the $ in the front