X-Carve "Rob" build notes

I have been eyeing the x-carve for quite a while now. With a few freelance cheques coming in the budget stars aligned and took advantage of the black Friday deal. UPS delivered early and on a Sunday no less! Thanks to work schedules and family requirements I have only had around an hour to spend on the build. My son christened the machine as “Rob” this week as we were building the gantry carriage. It is exciting to see the family come together to build and dream up ideas for the robot to start cranking out. My honey do list has multiplied 10x.

I found that not tightening the vwheels on the carriage actually caused more resistance on the pull and gear due to the reflection from the router weight.

Progress and updates to come.


HA, Rob, I like it. Looking good. Would it have been easier to put the router on last?

It’s like building legos before dinner when mom calls. Didn’t have my tap set on hand to begin the gantry assembly so kids wanted to go as far as they could before wrapping the other night. The router is in loose and I’m having clearance issues on the top end so will need to figure that out.

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Rotate the router in the mount a little.

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Oh yes, I get that! Good luck!

Your son has excellent taste in names. I personally went with Xanthus since there can only be one awesome Rob in this house… :smile:

I have my 611 rotated about 45 degrees CCW from yours, with the cord in the 7:30 o’clock (?) position. The Z axis plate just clears the parts sticking out from the label and the on/off switch.

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Lol. Short for robot… Although my wife believes my bit and material obsession to horde right now is a bit excessive

Tonight the beast has finally taken life. With the holidays, kids school schedules, work and finally nose surgery to wrap up my week I had some down time today for recovery to spend a few hours after the kids went to bed to finish wiring and run a test.

All pieces connected. Easel software link installed and he fired right up and ran through simulation perfect. I still have the stiffening mods. Wider belts and a waste board to wrap up this week then tuning and it’s go time.

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I might add that the wife gave me an ultimatum that Christmas dinner would be served on that table… Thus gave me a bit of an incentive

I’m at the stage in my X-Carve build where the wiring is next, and I thought I was all set to follow the instructions, then I saw these photos and just couldn’t do bare wire after seeing them. So a little of an unscheduled wild goose chase today to buy spade connectors. But I also got a female connector for the limit switch connections so no solder necessary there anymore - soldering isn’t actually a problem, but I like that they can be disconnected.

Thanks for the inspiration, if Inventables had made them an option on the ordering page I would have gone for it.

Glad I inspired you to wire it up with the spades. I had them laying around and I wanted to ensure I have a good bite for the electric. I really contemplated using molex connectors like a few others have on the forums here but went the lazy route since these parts were already on hand.

Took z-axis back apart to apply the strength mod by @MattWheeler A mod to make z-azix more stiff and easier to adjust my local hardware stores are slim picking for anything metric and not wanting to wait for ups to ship a few bolts I reused the supplied bolts with 5/32 washers and m5 nuts I had laying around. Took a few more detailed photos to help with clarity

It was a noticeable improvement to stiffen z movements with hardly any flex even without x and y stiffening.

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The wife ultimatum is quite the motivator.


With crazy snow outside I was sequestered to the workshop yesterday and was able to get final tuning on the z-axis, cranked up the pots on y & z axis and began throwing chips.

Once dialed in I threw down a scrap piece of reclaimed walnut and pocketed a quick design I threw together in Illustrator.

It was in the “Machine Setup” walk through - once you complete setup it will give you a test calibration file in Easel.

Well if you can process SVG then here you go :slightly_smiling:

SVG here

It’s not the original awesomeness but it’s close

@AngusMcleod so I am guessing Easel projects have no use for you? If that is the case another benefit for the export from Easel option so you could run via UGS or other mechanism.

would also like the original file without resetting up my machine. Can anyone share the easel project?

Here’s the file from mine - I removed my name since i didn’t want to wait for milling. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/QZnlOfnlouaaAjCb3k_rwQ

Thank you