X-Carve Setup: Test Your Wiring Z axis Dilemma

I am at the stage where I’m using Easel to set up my machine. The “Test Your Wiring” page give arrows for each axis. X axis: perfect, smooth. Y axis: it moves, but not as cleanly as X, AND the Z axis moves (down). Z axis: moves up and down, not smoothly, AND the Y axis moves (right). Wiring looks right? Check. So, to isolate, I removed the wires from the Y terminal on the motion controller board. Checked again: X axis: good. Y axis is disabled, but Z axis moves (in a rough way) up (note this is the opposite direction as when the Y axis wires were connected). Z axis: moves up and down, but not cleanly. I’m wondering if I have damaged my board during setup. Many thanks! Any ideas would be appreciated!

Sounds like you have to adjust your potentiometers for motor current clockwise a bit

I think I had a similar issue what I first put together my machine. After scouring various forums I gathered that I needed to adjust the pots on the g-shield to account for the higher amperage of my nema 23’s. It seemed to work for me… that and ensuring the offset v-wheel is not cranked too tight against the maker slide.

Thanks Nick and Simon for your feedback. Adjusting the potentiometers did smooth out the motion on the machine. But, the bigger problem remains: in Easel, in check wiring, clicking on the Y axis arrow moves BOTH the Y axis and the Z axis together. Also, clicking on the Z axis arrows moves both the Z axis and the Y axis. If I disconnect the Z axis cable from the controller board, X and Y work fine. I’ve taken all the wiring off and rewired, slowly, to be sure it was done right. I’ve pushed the reset button on the controller board and reinstalled the Easel local file. Puzzled!

Did you ever get a solution for this? Sounds like somehow your Z wiring and Y wiring are in parallel, but I can’t imagine how that would happen.

Hi Richard,

Yes, bought a new board and everything works perfectly now!

Many thanks

Hello everyone, i’ve got my x-carve a few weeks ago and i finish the assembly and it seems that all my wire connection are right as the same from the instructions… i have problem regarding my “Z” axis as i test my machine… the “Y” and “X” axis was ok but the Z axis seems move in different direction as i push the up key arrow the the spindle was going down and same as the down key arrow the spindle was going up… is there anyone incounter this problem…thanks for your support

As a rough guess (my machine is torn apart right now for upgrading), the red and white wires on your Z axis at the g-shield look as though they may be backwards.

thanks mates your both awesome… cheers!