X-Carve Start Position

Hello all,
I apologize if I double up on something. I have started to work with Easel (free) and a 1000x1000 X-Carve with X-Controller. I have found/made some STL files and want to carve some projects.

I am having trouble figuring out where to place my wood on the project board and how to tell X-Carve where the board is. I’ve seen videos of jogging the bit to the center “X” on a project, but how does X-Carve know that is center, and not the side of bottom?

Thanks, new X-Carver here

When you are designing in Easel, the normal design area is in Quadrant I, so the workpiece home position is in the lower left corner for the design. When you start the carve process, you should be prompted to set the home position. Set the work-zero “home” position to the lower left corner of your stock material.

There are other methods if you want it start with home in the center or some other place, but I would start there and see how you make out with that.

You can always set the Z work-piece “home” position high enough to allow the design to carve without touching the material if you want to see how the motion-control works out.

Also search the forum, there are plenty of other posts. Check out Paw Paw’s Workshop on Youtube as well; I am pretty sure he has a few videos on the subject.


Brandon Parker

Paw paw workshop has a video on it, If you are using Easel and you want the X,Y to be the center of your project you need to tell it to be. The picture below indicates the X,Y being lower left of the machine. If you choose the center dot it will move it and that is were you find and place your bit, when you go through the setup steps it is the second to last screen this will tell easel to use this X/yY point. Hope that helps Steve


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Brandon and Steve, thank you for your help. I have been out of the game for a bit, work is crazy. I will give those a try!

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