X-carve stopped in middle of carve and now won't connect

was about halfway through an 1 1/2 hour carve and the machine just stopped. lost connection with the pc apparently. Whenever I try to connect with easel I can hear the stepper motors click and the green lights flash it just won’t connect. I’ve had this problem before with not using a powered USB hub. So that is not the issue. I’ve checked to make sure the Gshield is seated in the arduino. I’ve swapped out the usb cable. I’ve checked in the device manager and the arduino says COM3 which is what easel is saying also but it just won’t connect. I’ve reinstalled the easel firmware, restarted the computer. I’ve checked in the machine inspector and it says PortOpened over and over again.

I don’t understand why it lost connection in the middle of a carve and I haven’t had any issues with it in the past year. I have looked through the forums and I think I’ve tried most of the things suggested. No luck

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Have you power cycled the Arduino? Unplug USB and power and then plug it back in.
Can you connect using the Arduino serial monitor or putty or something?

I have unplugged power and USB no luck no other way to connect to the arduino other that usb. the arduino shows up in ports in the device manager, not sure if that is helpful information

I could’ve explained better. Can you connect using something that isn’t Easel? You can download the Arduino IDE here.

I do have the Arduino IDE installed but have no idea what to do with it(sorry)

Close Easel, open Arduino, tools–>Port–> choose the one your Arduino is connected to.
In the top right, there’s a button that will open the serial monitor, click it.
At the bottom, change the baud rate to 115200

It says error opening serial port COM3 (port busy)

Unplug USB, make sure everything is closed except Arduino. Plug USB in and try again.

Ok managed to change the baud rate to 115200, still won’t connect

@BobNevalainen It’s hard to say without seeing what you’re seeing, but I’d start by picking up an Arduino. It’s either the Arduino or something with your computer tying up the port. Usually, restarting takes care of it, but you can try reassigning the Com port.

sometimes if im doing something else like making another design and not on the one im carving, the machine will stall and sometimes shut down, so when it starts to slow, I go back to the carve im doing and it usually picks back up.

When in doubt try a restart of your computer as well. This has happened to me since the latest Easel Driver update. Nothing I do can get comms restored except to power cycle the computer.


Brandon Parker