X-Carve stopped listening to my computer

I have used it for a week and today I have run into a brick wall. The X-Carve listens sometimes (Home Button), but will not move when I ask it to move in Machine Setup. Earlier, today I carved a sign and, this is another problem, which you all have already explained, I found out my board needs to be shimmed to get it parallel to the machine. I’ll get working on that as soon as I figure out why my machine won’t communicate with my computer. I found the discussion on COM Port (I put in 3) and I think I fixed that but then it goes to the YES NO question for the movement in the X, Y or Z direction and they don’t move at all! But, Everytime I hit home, it goes to home without an issue. Not sure how I have gotten it to work during the day to cut some letters lower due to the un-flat waste board. I have turned the computer off and on numerous times and plugged and unplugged and turned the X-Controller off and on at various times during restart and I am not getting any consistent answers. Now, this is my first time with Arduino, and while I am fairly proficient with a computer, it is not in the area of writing programs or fooling around with code. I am just using Easel…I have a fairly new Dell Computer. Oh, one thing that came up was that it said my USB 3.0 could not work well with the X-Controller because it was looking for a USB 2.0. I will see what you all say! Thanks for any help you can give me!.