X-Carve to the Next Step

I am glad I bought my X-Carve and assembling to me was fun, and using it since I put it together has been a joy to learn Easel and how to use the various pieces of software that supports the art.I find that another of fun things that I have learned is ex spanning the X-Carve to allow it to do more things. I have found than the art of wooding is growing with every new piece of technology that inters the market and with every idea that anyone has to do something with a piece of wood, plastic or aluminum. I wish that list included steel. On with my original point. The X-Carve is a technology platform that needs to be expanded. I have taken my X-Carve apart several times and enhanced its capabilities.My unit now exists as a 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 18 inch tall unit. I have increased the height of the side rails to allow a board to pass under the rails so I can have unlimited length projects. I now want to shorten the be bed and create a 90 degree holding surface. So I will have the ability to not only have the ability to make square routered joints but to design various shaped joints for projects.If any of you see parts or supplies out on the market I would love to hear from you. If you have an idea let me hear it. Thank

Some people cut a hole in the waste board and position a vise below the machine to work on things like the end or edge of a board.

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