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X-Carve Tool Box

A simple but usable Tool Box for bits, collets and some other tools.
The wood is oak 21mm.
Drawing in Fusion 360 and carving from EstlCam.


Very nice!

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Cool. I like it

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Nice little organizer!

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Dear Friend,
Could you please advice which post processor you used to post the g-code to EstlCam. Iā€™m using Fusion 360 for CAM and use EstlCam for machine control. I have tried every post processor in Fusion 360 and none of them read properly by the EstlCam, the tool path were always broken lines and shapes. The only reasonable tool path I get is generated by a post processor in Fusion 360 called BOXYZ, but Estlcam crashed at the end of the last G command. Could you help me?

By the way, very nice job of the tool box you had made.

Best Regards