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X-Carve Upgrade Kit Installation Issues

Hi all,
Mid-install I’ve run into a couple issues and would appreciate any help/links:
1.) The new motors have a plug-style setup. Since my X-Carve is pre-2017, my motors are still individually wired (see photo). How did you handle this, and if you purchased plugs, can you provide a link and a wiring diagram?
2.) My DeWalt 611 chassis has two enlarged holes on the top and bottom right side (which formerly housed delrin nuts on the old Z-axis). The new bolts don’t have a surface to tighten to as the hole is too big (see photo).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Hi all, Tech support pointed out the older X-Carve units require new wiring with plugs, sold here:
to take advantage of the new motor power.

UPDATE II: Hi all, I ordered the new cables and they installed quite easily. Made the updates in the machine inspector and the X-Carve is up and running successfully. Definitely more rigid overall. First test cut easily doubled the speed and depth of previous cuts in walnut.