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X carve upgrade to .8KW water cooled spindle W closed loop cooling

I got the setup all working and am loving it. I gives me the power of the Dewalt 611 with the noise of the DC 24 volt spindle. Big thanks to @Travelphotog and @ChrisWundram for your input on the configuration.
For my coolant I went automotive glycol mixed with water. My pump is 110 volt so now I am looking to either power it with the VFD or at least trigger a relay from the VFD.

Great to hear that it is working so well for you. I am finishing up the 3D printed cable chains this week for the water and power lines for the Spindle and should have the system installed in the new enclosure by the end of the week. Running water lines through the bulk heads and such is always fun!! But have the mill enclosed keeps the mess inside and the noise WAY down from milling metals and such. I will post some pics once I have the setup finished up and reconnected through the bulk head. Still waiting on the GX20 connector though for the bulk head connection. Hope it gets here sooner than later!

This is very neat

Excellent! Which radiator are you using?

I’m wiring up the same VFD/Spindle combo. Did you connect any other wires aside from the VFD input and motor input? Have you connected the PWM or 10v outputs from the x-carve controller?

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