X-Carve upgrade

Was upgrading X-Carve and when I set Easel up for the update all the movements work fine, but when I try to carve then nothing happens and the computer drops out of Easel.
Does anyone know what the reason is.

It could be that a limit switch is being hit at the start of the carve.
You can press ctrl+Shift+D to enter the “Machine Inspector” page and there you can see if a limit switch is pressed or what the cnc state is. If it’s “Alarm” you can scroll down further to see which Alarm number it is showing as which would help identify the cause.

Thanks for answering. I am traveling now and will not be with my C-Carve until Monday and check it out then.
Tried to press Ctrl+Shift+D then I get Bookmark tabe.

Must be pressed within Easel.

The manual navigation method is to go to Machine>General Settings>Machine Inspector

Try this when I’m home.

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The computer I had was not powerful enough. passed with simple milling but failed to do more complex milling.
Bought a new computer and everything is fine now

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