X Carve using Easel haphazardly goes off pa

I carved a Multi Level Sign yesterday and the X Carve Veered off to the left toward the very end of the carve with the 60 degree V Bit.

Dan and Linda was carved at 0 inches; Eilers was carved at 1/16 inch; fill was carved at 1/8 inch; Border was carved at 1/8 inch.

Rough cut was 1/8 inch straight bit and did a great job.

Wood used appeared to be pine.

Detail was 60 degree bit and that was where the problem occurred. The “E” in Eilers was damaged and several areas on the left side of the sign were also damaged.

I am attaching:

  1. Picture of the carve

  2. Specs used during carve

Any Idea what may have happened and how I can prevent this in the future?

Thank you,

Dan Eilers

Dan can you share your file? Also zoom in on the preview and see if you don’t have something that easel thinks it is supposed to cut. look at your tool path does it show anything?

Hi Steve,

I can see absolutely no reason why that erratic tool path is being created. Inventables is working on trying to figure out why this is happening. It is really frustrating.

How do I go about sharing the file with you?

Thanks Steve

File–>Share–>Share with link–>Save
Paste the link here


Make sure you copy the link then save, then paste it into this thread.