X-Carve Violent Rattling/Shaking

Recently my x-carve has began to rattle and shake rather violently. The X and Z axis moves rather easily, although the Z axis wheels have appeared to become loose.

For some reason the Y axis is not moving smoothly and is shaking the whole machine. Looking at the two ends of the machine, the right side appears to move faster than the left, creating a lag.

Does anyone know what is going on? I have tightened the belts that were loose, and cleaned out and dust, but the machine is still shaking very bad.

First guess would be that you’ve developed a loose connection on one of the Y axis motors, either at the stepper or X-Controller end.

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Yeah, I´d suspect a loose stepper motor wire on one of the Y-motors causing the direction to be random for that motor.

Hope you fixed the issue by now. I had a similar issue happen to me the other day while jogging. One side of the xcarve was shaking and lagging behind the other. Checked the wires to the motors and it turned out one connection was loose.

Thank You everyone. I have been unable to work in the shop for quite some time. I recently unplugged all connectors and plugged them back in, and it seems to be working again. Thank You again!